Circuit Board Repairs

TechFix specialise in the repair of Electronic Control Boards and Power Supplies from a wide range of equipment. Often a board can be repaired for a fraction of the cost of buying a new one. This is particularly relevant with high end equipment and those with obsolete parts.
So before you throw a Electronic Circuit Board out, consider this. If the cost of replacement is more than $180.00, then its worth sending the board to us for repair.
If you are an importer of electronic equipment with a quantity of board errors, then we can save you thousands. Often the same faults repeat and we can resolve these repeated errors  very cost effectively and reduce the occurrence of future failures. An example is the importer of Gym Equipment being stung $500 for replacement control boards. By replacing diodes worth a few cents TechFix refurbished the boards to new condition.

Failed boards can be sent to us at TechFix for a free evaluation.

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