Dishwasher not draining – warning beware of glass in drain pump

Just a quick note here to highlight a common cause of dishwashers not draining. A Bribie Island resident called us out as their Delonghi Diswaher was leaking all over the kitchen. It had made such a mess it had damaged the carpet. Should they get a new one was the question?
I ran the dishwasher up and found it was filling to the correct level but not draining, it would then attempt to fill again and cause a flood. On emptying the sump and flipping it on it’s back, I found this in the drainage pump. A shaft of glass, nicely impinging on the impeller. Apparently the night before the flood somebody broke a glass in the dishwasher and forgot to clean it up.
It had found its way past the filter and into the drain pump.
The moral of the story. Delonghi are great dishwashers but if you break glass in it,  take the time to carefully clean it out. Glass often finds its way to the drain pump.

glass in dishwasher drain pump