Workshop Rates
Quote Fee $45.00 (deductible from service cost)
Hourly Rate $80.00

Mobile Service Rates
Callout Charge (zone one) $80.00 – (zone two) $130.00
Hourly Rate $95.00

Definition of TechFix Service Zone

Callout Zones
TechFix Services mobile technicians visit two call out zones, as marked by the inner (Zone one) and outer (zone two) squares.

Telephone the office on 07 3491 9805 or call
Stephen on 041 6 838 560.

Q: Can I pay with a card?
A: Yes our Technicians can process Visa and Mastercards

Q: What if you do not have the part, will I be charged for the return visit?
A: No if we do not have the part required to complete your job, we will return with it for no call out fee